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As the old adage goes,
"Time is money"; and we at Daystar Sills are constantly committed to both meeting, and exceeding, our client's highest expectations in the shortest amount of time.


Including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, commercial office buildings, retail space, medical and dental facilities, law offices, private schools, and tenant improvement projects. Satisfied Daystar Sills clients include: Federal Express; Johnson Controls; Amazon.com;
Lear Corporation; Bell Atlantic; Conectiv; Eckerd Drug; T.J. Maxx; Ultra Chemical, Inc;
Corporate Interiors of Philadelphia; Modell's; Automodular Assemblies; Burris Foods;
Polymer Tech; Culligan Water; Donside (UK Paper); Strategic Diagnostics; Wilmington
Leather Coatings; Lazy Boy; Delta Engineering; Bio Lab; Texaco; DNREC; and Lab Corp.

Among the long list of Daystar Sills services are such deliverables as Structural Engineering, Architects,
Site Location, Real Estate Acquisition, Finance, and Service Contractors (both affiliated and independent), specializing in Demolition, Concrete, Pre-engineered metal buildings, Metal Studs and Drywall, Cabinetry, Acoustical Ceilings, and Computer Networking Solutions.

Daystar Sills is a full service commercial general contractor, providing superior Design Services;
Site Development Services; Construction Services; and Fit-Out Services. Whether executing designs by
outside architects or initiating the design ourselves, using the most highly-advanced CAD systems available,
Daystar Sills is always aware of the importance of planning, ensuring both efficiency and quality in every
stage of the construction.

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